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A story of beermats, a vision and sharing a flat – how the company bike-components came into being

With a comprehensive range of over 55,000 products for cyclists and a passion for the cycling sport, bike-components is a unique retailer for bicycle accessories and spare parts. The story of how bike-components’ founders Klaus Hoenig and Marcus Wenkel arrived at this point is just as unique.

Turning the wheel of time

The story starts in a pub and with an idea, immortalised on a beermat. In 1997, Klaus and Marcus came up with the vision of introducing suspension seatposts into the market. On the spot, they sketched the draft design of a seatpost, including adjustable suspension, ball bearings and concealed guides, on a beermat. A day later, on 26 November 1997 to be precise, the up-and-coming entrepreneurs registered their business in the trade register, and just one year later, their shop went online.


Shifting gears

Initially, the flat which the two founders shared doubled as the fledgling company’s headquarters. Between the sofa, umpteen boxes, hand-labelled parcels and walls covered with purchase orders, Klaus and Marcus often worked through the night.

It quickly became apparent that they would soon run out of space. As bike-components’ sales operations became ever more professional and the number of enquiries constantly increased, the start-up had to shift several times. The first major step in the company’s growth development took place in 2010, when bike-components moved into a warehouse and office facility with space of approximately 1,600 m².

Despite the multiple shifts, bike-components never lost its focus on excellent service and fair prices. This is why Klaus and Marcus always try to get the best possible deals when sourcing their products in order to keep prices fair.


Firmly in the saddle

However, after repositioning the business in 2013, this location was no longer big enough to handle the ever-growing capacities. That’s why bike-components, in its greatest move yet, relocated into its new facility with 10,000 m² of storage and 3,000 m² of office space at the Industrial Campus Würselen in late 2014.

Today bike-components employs over 150 staff in the areas of customer service, procurement, marketing, product data maintenance, logistics, inwards goods receipt and outgoing goods, store and workshop, who all ensure smooth order processing and short delivery times.

Further developed by Deutsche Logistik Holding, the Industrial Campus Würselen is comprised of 49,550 m² in logistics space and 6,300 m² in office space. Of this total space, bike-components currently uses 24,000 m² (21,000 m² of logistics space and 3,000 m² of office and recreational space).

“We are thrilled that with our logistics space in the Industrial Campus Würselen we have been able to contribute to the development of such a unique company”, said Mario Sander, Managing Director of DLH.

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