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DLH is committed to its responsibility as a corporate and as an ecological citizen.

We at Deutsche Logistik Holding accept our responsibility vis-à-vis our tenants, investors, the public in general and the environment, both as a corporate citizen and as a member of society. Sustainable real estate investments form an integral part of our business strategy with a view to long-term capital preservation.


In co-operation with the individual municipalities, we are mindful that our logistics parks integrate harmoniously into their environment. Direct communication with the local communities is of paramount importance to us.

Also, in the face of climate change, we strive to use only enough energy as needed. For example, the efficient insulation of our buildings enables optimum utilisation of thermal heat. We are also exploring photovoltaics to generate environmentally friendly power for our tenants to use. Any surpluses will be fed into the power grid.

Not only does this save on high operating costs for our clients, the environment is also spared several tonnes of unnecessary CO2 emissions every year.

  • Sustainable logistics
    Transparent construction in the sense of avoiding unnecessary emissions.
  • Engaging the local communities
    We are committed to implementing our projects with the approval of the local communities, involving and including them in the process and thus creating “win-win” situations.
  • Environment, health, safety and protection
    “Green” thinking guides all our activities, but equally important is the professional handling of the safety and protection of all stakeholders.
  • Anti-corruption
    All our contracts are based on transparency, for all customers, suppliers and investors alike, while at the same time adhering to compliance guidelines.