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Products / innovations

DLH products

Deutsche Logistik Holding offers a broad range of flexible warehousing, industrial and production spaces at high-quality prime locations, from smaller units to medium and large-size premises.


Feel free to contact us for an individual logistics real estate concept.


Current products

Logistics park / centre

  • Project size: > 25,000 m²
  • Property > 8 ha
  • Basic commercial hall
  • Additional modules, as appropriate
  • Single-storey
  • Accessible by trucks/semitrailers having more than 2 axles
  • Located at supra-regional arteries, close to large conurbations
  • Use/target group: central and regional warehouses, e-commerce


City logistics

  • Project size: commercial hall space of approx. 10,000 to 25,000 m²
  • Property approx. 2 to 5 ha
  • Basic commercial hall
  • Additional modules, as appropriate
  • 1-2 stories
  • Accessible by trucks/semitrailers having more than 2 axles
  • In commercial areas close to cities
  • Retail, e-commerce supplies


Urban logistics

  • As part of the urban layout
  • In connection with multi-functional centres and redevelopment areas (military barracks, industrial sites)
  • Customised warehouse concepts in urban and project contexts
  • Single to multi-storey
  • Technical facilities (conveyor technology, STC, shuttle systems, etc.)
  • Accessible by trucks having 2 axles


Build-to-Suit / light industries

  • Individually designed in line with customer requirements and processes
  • Integration of light industry / added value
  • Use/target group: 3D printers, assembly (e.g. electronics industry), commissioning, high-tech assembly, etc.
  • Basic commercial hall with additional modules
  • Customised construction, as appropriate
  • Location/size as per customer requirements



  • Deutsche Logistik Holding is continuously enhancing its product range. At present, we are working intensively on concepts involving photovoltaics, broadband internet access and EV charging stations in our logistics properties.
  • Both Deutsche Logistik Holding and the Zech Group are tackling the challenges of the future and are developing projects to meet the changing life and work style requirements as well as logistics parameters of the 21st century.